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I like the first one. I think all it needs is a significant crop on the left (2 stanchions worth, maybe three, not sure) and a bit at the bottom for balance. All the action/weight is on the right side, and having the unlight broadside of the second unit on the left is not enough. Oh, and take a bit off the top also, not too much, but there is some excess above the moon.

Right now the worker is in sort of a "rule of fourths" position, a bit too low and too the right; get him closer to a rule of thirds location.

So just a bit more messing with the cropping! Don't give up.

The second one, don't care for it nearly as much, the "story," as emphasized by the strong lighting, is the inside of a fuel truck. The train is incidental. A nice shot, maybe (I'm not a big fan but it is OK) but not necessarily a nice RP shot. Maybe the screeners (me for sure) are just not excited about the pump and gauges.

Yes, the contrast is high, but not too bad, however, a lot of it is on the inside of the truck.
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