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Originally Posted by JimThias View Post
He stated that he had 6 appeals, and 4 of them were eventually accepted. That means, technically, that the original screener's judgment was incorrect, and he should only have 2 appeals of the 6 on his record, since those 2 failed.

Think of it as the red flag in football that a coach gets to throw when he thinks a bad call has been made on the field. If the call is reversed after review of the play, the coach gets to keep the red flag for another "appeal." If the call is proven to be correct as made on the field, the coach loses his ability to appeal a call again.

A person should be able to appeal 100 times in a row if the appeals led to the images being accepted.
You are correct, but as Loyd has pointed out, the OP appears to have done the 6 appeals in relatively quick succession. His other comments about being frustrated with the screeners indicate that his overall success rate is much lower than 67%, and he appeals rejections more often than not.

After getting established and learning the system at RP, I have found that I appeal much less, and usually only about unlevel rejections, because I spend time on leveling/distortion on every photo. Even then, I have been proven wrong when I took a step back to look at the photo after an appeal was denied.

Shooting from the hip and appealing too much will get you on the bad side of the screeners unless your success rate is >90% (an arbitrary estimate on my part). It's human nature that you will get a reputation as a PITA if you complain too much. Using your analogy of a red flag, I haven't watched football diligently in some time, but I believe that use of two red flags per half are allowed, and the team loses a time out upon an incorrect appeal. Unlimited red flags for being right are not part of the equation.
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