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Originally Posted by stevenmwelch View Post
Hey Ryan, say and think what you want. Doesn't affect me, I don't care, your and others opinions of me don't matter to me.
This is why you will continue to turn friends into enemies. People have tried reaching out to you in an effort to help you see and change your ways, but as you said, you don't care.

Sometime in the future, your reputation will proceed you. I have heard that it has already hurt you in your failed attempts to get hired on with the BNSF (well, that and the fact that you and your posts/photos have led to people being fired from their positions on the railroad). Maybe if you would think about your words and actions prior to acting, speaking or typing, life wouldn't be so hard.

I wish you luck in your future, you're going to need it.


For the others on the board who think this may just be a singling out of Welchie, it most definitely is.

However, what I have stated here in regard to him applies to everyone else as well. I will never understand how people can hide behind their keyboards and talk trash about others when they themselves have nothing worthwhile to back up their statements. I've seen it numerous times here in the RP forums, and it is truly comedic to read some individuals posts about other people's work, then take a quick scroll through said individuals' RP photos, and see the rotting fruit of their labor which, in most cases, is worse than the work of those that they are critiquing.
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