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There was a lot of people shooting and chasing, but over all, I was pleased to see everyone keep their heads functioning. As far as I could tell, the locals were the worst at being on the tracks, but I did see a few foamers run across the tracks with the train less than a minute away.

At Altavista, there were a bunch of us (myself included) that wandered out on the bridge for our photos, which was sort of crazy. However, the most boneheaded decision of the trip that I witnessed was there. One chaser decided, with 611 probably 90 seconds away, to stop his car on the Business 29 bridge and get out to get his shot, expecting the rest of traffic to just deal with the fact that he stopped his car right in the middle of a narrow and busy two-lane road bridge.

However, I can't say too much, because with the exception of Duke, the locations I shot at were 50 people or less spots, thankfully. That said, there were an assload of people chasing and shooting it overall.
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