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Originally Posted by lalam View Post
Matching the verticals on the reddish building behind the tower still showing requirement of 0.2 to 0.3 deg CW. I may be wrong as it needs to enlarge the image by 400%+ to judge it.

Sorry, no matter how much I enlarge this I can see no need to rotate it clockwise. And the larger I make it I can see no need to rotate it at all to make the buildings in the background vertical, as they seem to be quite vertical as they are upon microscopic inspection.

Name:  Greg Primrose reject.jpg
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So like I said previously, it all comes down to appearances, and I'll stand by my belief that they are getting thrown off by the angle of the locomotive and the apparent angle of the tower. Appeal, and if it's rejected again I don't know what to do as rotating it to even partially correct the loco will make the rest of the image appear obviously canted counterclockwise. Then again, I'm blind so don't take my word for it, take Jim's! Jim, where are you??
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