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Originally Posted by RobJor View Post
Kind of covered all the bases. LOL

As far as people liking them because they are different, I think that is obvious.

Too many forums that had a great start have begun to end up like Flickr. I think some of you are getting at this, too. It's becoming not about how good a shot is, but how many "faves" or views you get. Last fall I gave a couple of genuinely constructive observations (both very mild and very obvious) to a kid on Flickr with the purpose of helping him along. Others have given me some great pointers over the years that have saved me tons of time. Anyway, the kid went absolutely beserk! I'm talking Wackoville here. And then he begins with the personal attacks. (He's still stalking me after well over half a year now.) Anyway, his defense was, "I get a lot more faves than you do!" Well yeah. I'm not playing the "fave game." "Faves" on Flickr (and maybe here?) are mostly only becoming a measurement of how often YOU "fave" others, nothing more. When I was in Jr. High, we called that a "circle jerk."

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