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Originally Posted by Chris Z View Post
Sounds like your camera is set for bracketing.

Chris Z
Nope. Bracketing would show three different exposures. My camera was set at 1/500th and was showing different exposures. It only does it with the 17-40 lens, and I'm assuming it has to do with the connection it's making to the body. Sometimes when I put the lens on, it gives me an error message when trying to shoot at f8. If I dial it down to f4, take a test shot, and then dial it back up to f8, it works. Very strange. It's actually been doing something odd like this for about 6 years (even after it's been to Canon for servicing). Prior to this current issue, once in a while when taking a test shot, it would capture an image that looked about 10 stops over exposed. (could have been less and that may be an exaggeration). Then next frame would then be fine.

f8, 1/500th, ISO 200:

Same settings:

Histogram for both:

Rhymes with slice, rice and mice, and probably should be spelled like "Tice."

This pretty much sums it up:

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