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Originally Posted by dnsommer2013 View Post
If the photo is overexposed, why is the histogram mountain so shallow? It's centered, and rounded, but not very tall. Isn't overexposure indicated by the peak or peaks hitting the ceiling?
You misunderstand the use of the histogram. Overexposure is not high peaks but rather the entire distribution shifted to the right, toward the bright end. A high peak can mean a lot of things. But a high, narrow mountain can mean lack of contrast - contrast means a range tonality, of darks and lights, so a narrow mountain means your tonal range is poor. Increasing contrast results in that mountain being wider and, necessarily then, less tall.

At the same time, don't obsess about the exact shape of the histogram. There is no one ideal shape, not even close. The histogram is useful for understanding what is going on and looking for adjustment ideas.
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