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Originally Posted by JimThias View Post
How did they not make the cut? What were the rejections?

If they didn't make the cut because of color or exposure, your processing skills probably need to be worked on.
The reasons have been:

Rule of Thirds

I would say I *definitely* have a ways to go as far as learning the software, not probably!

As I stated already though, this particular shot seems properly exposed to me, both to my eyes and as indicated by its LR histogram. So I did not expect it to get flagged for an exposure issue. I more expected a rejection along the lines of it being an unremarkable or uninteresting subject/composition. Which is why I am now questioning the accuracy of what I'm seeing on my monitor.

Did the other three photos look rather underexposed to you, as they do to me? This will give me an idea as to whether I do indeed have a calibration issue.

And yes, I know I can make exposure adjustments to these photos in post. I just figured I should start with the image that seems best, straight out of the camera.

Thanks for your reply!

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