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Thanks for your replies.

Well, with the K-5, you adjust shutter and aperture until the thing-a-ma-bob is centered over the fat tick mark in the middle of the scale beneath the scene in the viewfinder. The train was standing still, so I had no need to rush. Metering was set to multi-segment. The sun was behind me. I can't imagine why I'd use spot or center weighted metering here. Seems very straight forward in this instance.

If the photo is overexposed, why is the histogram mountain so shallow? It's centered, and rounded, but not very tall. Isn't overexposure indicated by the peak or peaks hitting the ceiling?

Anyway. To frame my consternation another way...

My father had his 80th birthday in September. The family celebrated the event with a big reunion way up in Maine. So I took a week off and drove all over Quebec and New England on the way there and back, visiting all sorts of railfan sites I don't really ever get a chance to visit. And so far not one of the photos I took on that trip has made the cut. So yeah I'm wondering how I blew it here. This shot seems like an easy one, exposure wise. Not really a remarkable subject or composition, sure, but a shot that should have been easy to nail correctly. (Which can only mean one thing: I am an absolutely horrible despicable incompetent railroad photographer! The worst! No more than a shameful footnote to the avocation! Maybe there was a time when I coulda been a contender, but let's face it, I'm a bum, that's what I am! Probably the only railfan who ever blew a cakewalk photo op like this one! (LOL!)


Sure wish I could do trips like that more often...

Maybe I also should have put K-5 in "P" mode to see what exposure selections the K-5 thought best. At this point it still probably knows better than me.

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