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Default My Latest Rejected Photo: Overexposure

Hello everyone,

Still attacking that ole learning curve here...

The link below will take you to my latest rejected photo. It was rejected for being overexposed. This is troubling. To me it looks fine. The histogram shows a shallow mountain in the middle and two spikes to the right, which I take to represent the clouds.

I expected the photo would be rejected primarily just because it's unremarkable. If it's overexposed, then there really must be some greater problem.

1) Pentax K-5 metering is inaccurate or it sucks and I should have bought a Nikon
2) My monitor needs calibrating
3) Color space is wrong RGB vs sRGB (?)
4) I am just plain incompetent (!)

The way I figure, if I can't take a correctly exposed photo of a stationary locomotive generously bathed in mid-afternoon sunlight, I've really got some learning to do! And I guess I'm feeling pretty discouraged right now. It looks fine on my screen!

I started with a DNG RAW image. I added a hint of extra blue to the sky. I added a tiny bit of sharpening with Smart Sharpen. I reduced it to 1200 x 795 pixels. I saved it as a high quality jpeg. That's it.

Here is the link to the photo:

I've also attached the same photo below if anyone wants to look at the photo in question after the link expires, plus three other shots taken along with this shot. I chose the photo I submitted because the others all look too dark to me. If this rejected photo is overexposed, but looks fine to me, while these others look too dark, then I'm guessing the dark ones are actually the ones that are okay! Which means my monitor brightness is incorrect. And/or I have to buy a $200 Spyder Colormunki or something.

Ergh. Meh.

Anyway. Thanks for your feedback / advice!
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