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Originally Posted by troy12n View Post
but not the 60d, it's too much of a compromise and step down from the positioning that the 50d was. We discussed all that in the forementioned thread.
We did. But the 60D is not a compromise, or a step down. It is a reposition, call it sideways. For some it will be up, for some down.

Originally Posted by milwman View Post
The soft part of a Camera is the lens mount, No brand of camera survives a tweaked mount otherwise most keep working fine. So called Plastic will distort or strip out faster then a metal one.
I am not aware of any "plastic" DSLR that has a plastic mount. All that I have seen are metal. The 60D mount is metal. There are cheap lenses whose mounting surface is plastic, most notably the Canon "nifty fifty" 50/1.8.

Originally Posted by milwman View Post
The first thing to get out of adjustment is the AF Joe if a camera is dropped! Ask me! LOL That maybe why you're having issues at times with yours??
Whether or AF goes out of adjustment when a camera is dropped depends on how the shock of the impact is distributed through the camera and lens. I think the "mechanism", in terms of moving parts, is all in the lens, I could be wrong.
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