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Originally Posted by milwman View Post
Oh I don't know but your right it's not like it was, A lot more fans have good cameras now so one isn't compelled to save history like it was in the 40-70's.
JEPG's can be saved after uploading to a tiff and discard the junk and all will be fine.
Exactly....and that's what I do. Those fine JPEGs have worked for me, though. I've had a cover on Trains, one on Railroads Illustrated, and at least four or five articles, all shot as JPEGs with a digital camera. I save what I think is worth it----copy the shots over and do any manipulation (levels or something like that), and save them as TIFs. That gets uploaded to the magazine---and then it's published. I've also had at least a dozen or more digital images in the various McMillan Publications wall calendars since I converted from film (at the end of 2004)---and I use the same process.

If I shot the same stuff in RAW----no one in the entire world would know the difference.

I honestly don't think much of what is being photographed today will exist in any retrievable format 40 or 50 years from now---for lots of technical and practical reasons. It's not like you'll be finding rare glass negatives from the 1880s in the future.
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