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Originally Posted by Mike B.
I'm terribly sorry to disappoint you, but the feeling is mutual. Your most recent photos are good, although somewhat repetitive, but after the first couple of pages it gets quite boring and questionable.
Mike, if you're going to start Playing the Dozens, you might as well know something. Brad's a far better photographer than you think. That said, it's his own fault for not advertising that fact. Brad might post about one percent of what he shoots.

See this photo?

Image © John Ryan
PhotoID: 236054
Photograph © John Ryan

That's Brad's idea, Brad's location, and Brad's planning. I just happened to be there next to him to press the shutter button. That's more indicative of what Brad is shooting than something that is three years old. Brad, at age 20, has only had a few years to refine his photographic talents. How many years have you had?

Like it or not, fair or not, it's human nature to judge a photographer's comments by the quality of their work. Some people can walk the walk better than others.
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