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Default Does High School Make People Smarter?

I posted this picture today, but here is the rest of the story.

Image © Jim Dorst
PhotoID: 209055
Photograph © Jim Dorst

While waiting for CN460 on Sept 26th I heard the engineer blast his horn in something other than the standard crossing pattern. There was some delay until I heard the horn again for the crossing and the wait for him to come into view seemed long.
When he did come into view he called in to the other train waiting at the next siding for a meet. The engineer reported (more politely than I would have) that teens were lying between the rails playing chicken, seeing who could stay there the longest. As a result of the emergency braking, he had to stop and rebuild his air pressure.
I couldn't believe what I was hearing. However, I packed up my gear and drove to the incident area, took a picture of the teens still there, and went to the high school principal to put in a report. (The track runs right beside the high school).
Since then the CN Police have made a few educational visits.

Any old time UP employees remember the "Written in Blood" slide show? I have a copy I was going to bring to the principal.

BTW, the clouds came before the train did so I didn't get my fantastic planned shot
Cheers, Jim.

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