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Originally Posted by scottychaos
not that it really matters..but the flash absolutely did go off..
you may think you pushed down the flash, but it popped back up again!

I have absolutely no doubt..lets see if I can prove it..
hmm..need a plugin for irfanview.
ok then, here is a screenshot of the exif data:

im not sure what "flash = 9" is saying exactly..heading to google.

this example:
shows "flash - not fired" thats pretty obvious that would be the exif value if the flash was not fired.

ah! here is something:

its a bit confusing, but it looks like "9" equals "flash fired, compulsory flash mode"

further googling clinches it:

9 = flash fired, compulsory flash mode.

the flash doubt about it.
the exif data says so.

I like the shot!
I think the flash effect is pretty cool..
you would not have had those reflections at all if he flash hadnt gone off.
you could get that kind of reflection from very low direct sunlight, but in that case, the whole side of the loco would have been better lit.

Yeah it seems so but usually what happens is the flash pups up after the half click to focus on the object then Ill just hold it down so it doesn't fire so I must've not held it down like I thought but I had no idea that flash that sort of effect from so far away I know I originally said 15 I measured it up on google earth I was roughly 35ft away, I'm just bewildered that flash would actually have an effect from that point but oh well who cares. Thanks for the info guys. Hopefully when I get my Canon 400D within the next year I'll be getting better photos.

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