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Louis Becker
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I'm assuming that since this is a Mexican web site, that the only pictures being harvested are those of railways in Mexico or railways in the US that also operate in Mexico? If so, this eliminates the worry for many US contributors (including me).

~Louis Becker

Originally Posted by 4kV

I was told by someone that this site has a few pictures of mine, of his, and several other people's. Sure enough, right on the front page is a shot of mine, not even credited to me, with the copyright info intentionally left off. I see some contributors on here, too.

If one of your pics is on here and this bothers you, send him an email. It looks like you might have to do it in Spanish, though.

Some people do not seem to care about such things, but this is a pet peeve of mine. The person did not ask, he took the time to remove the copyright, and did not credit a picture. I usually don't mind if someone asks.

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