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Originally Posted by Mgoldman View Post
How'd UP find it? And for the benefit of others - do they have a set rate or was it something debated. If you care to share?

Great shot, BTW! I can see why it made the cover.

Mitch, thanks for the complement. I saw an ad in the back of Trains magazine requesting submissions to be considered for the calendar. I had a few UP shots so I sent them in. Simple as that, and they had a preset figure of $250 for an accepted shot. It wasn't the money that fired me up though, the honor will be tough to match. They are still taking submissions until the end of February for next years calendar. I'm trying to get a few more copies of the 2011 calendar because my grandmother is rather excited about the accomplishment and she lives just outside of Mojave where that shot was taken, so friends of hers are enthused to see that their area was featured and they wanted copies.

Your question is similar to the question that came to me as a result of this thread, and that is how to submit to these various publications. Do you just send in a bunch of stuff and if they use it they pay you or do you find out what stories they are doing and send in relevant photos? A lot of published stuff has different requirements than what RP wants, so some shots that would not get on here could still be valued by other publishers and such. Maybe Chase could shed some light on the process?

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