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Thanks for the help on La Grange guys!

Bumping the thread for my Tower 55 request above. Leaving for TX next weekend.

Also need some radio freq. confirmation.
  • BNSF Ft. Worth Sub (south just out of FW)- 160.650 (road/disp)
  • UP Ft Worth Sub (" " " ")- according to my notes from '07, I have 160.665 or 161.160, but I took poor notes in that regard :-/
  • TRE-161.355
  • CSX La Grange-161.370/161.520...Which is road, and which is dispatch?

I will be spending most of my mornings at the UP signal near MacPherson Blvd. if any of you Ft. Worth guys would like to stop in and say hi. If any of you would be interested in being a tour guide around the area, contact me off list and we can exchange contact info to set something up.

We'll be in La Grange in the evening/night of the 20th, and through the day on the 21st if anyone wants to meet up. Planning on departing at about 1600 on 21st to head home.

Thanks again for the help!!!
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