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Originally Posted by EMTRailfan View Post
I had this request in the trip reports thread since I will be making a trip. OK, no replies, maybe wrong thread:

Also, on one of the drives enroute to/from Texas, we hope to stop in La Grange, KY. What is the CSX traffic volume like through here for the street running? It appears primarily east-west, so positioning shouldn't much of a problem, minus high sun. Are there better days vs. others?
The CSX LCL sub runs through LaGrange. Between sunrise and sunset you could see 8-10 trains if you sat there all day, pretty much an even split between northbound and southbound traffic. Generally weekdays are the best as far as traffic goes but like anything it can be a crapshoot. At the end of the street trackage there is a siding so if you hang around long enough you have a good shot at a meet.

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