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Originally Posted by Chase55671 View Post
I personally think that an image with either full light or no light at all is far better than a half lit NS dash 9. There is very little detail. As Loyd has said, if you cannot tell coupler/air hose structure, the image is too dark. I've found it to be pretty accurate in several images of my own and others.
That makes total sense. The shot is just a wedgie of a half lit Dash 9 with some glint on the nose. Whoopdie do!

I'm not quite sure what you mean by "I'm missing the picture". There is nothing that makes this image stand out to me. There is a bridge, and a cut off truck in the background. Not very exciting to me.
There's a truck in that shot? Where? Seriously. I just see glint on a bridge and half a nose of a Dash 9. Even in good light this shot is sub-par. The bridge isn't attractive at all and it looks very bland and blah.

Just to make things clear, Dave. I'm not bashing YOU, I'm just not a fan of this image, although I generally do like the images you submit and I do visit your website often.
ChaseyBoy, wipe your nose...

For sure you'll want to file this shot into the archives, Dave.
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