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Originally Posted by ExNavyDoc View Post
I guess it's moot now, but I thought the first image was ok. I'm not seeing the artifact you all are seeing.

Are you sure you are not looking at Mach bands, and not digital artifact?

According to the definition, Mach bands occur where there are "two wide bands, one light and one dark, separated by a narrow strip with a light-to-dark gradient". In the photo, looking at the stack/clouds in particular, there is no narrow strip with a light-to-dark gradient but a distinct contrast separation line. That should dispel the above theory as as applied to this particular area of the image, so yes, I'm pretty sure I wasn't seeing Mach bands. I won't rule out some other sort of illusion though. What I did see on my laptop screen though was what appeared to be oversharpening in the clouds particularily in the upper right corner, where it almost looked like the stipple artwork of that guy who posted a day or two back. As I said before, that went away when I viewed it on my desktop computer. I checked my old CRT at work as I said I would, and it's still a bit visible on that one when compared side-by-side with an LCD monitor. But as you said Mike, it's moot now. Congrats on getting it on, Chris. It's a nice shot and deserves to be on the database.
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