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Default Re: Railroading Books


They're not strictly about technical railroading -- so maybe not what you're looking for -- but for some lighter reading, Paul Theroux's travel-books are wonderful reading. He loves riding the rails all over the world, and spends a lot of time describing the trains, the countries and cities they pass through, and the people who ride them. Just to mention three:

The Great Railway Bazaar: By Train Through Asia -- Theroux travels from Europe all across Asia, including Russia, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Japan, others.

Riding The Iron Rooster -- travels on the old railways of China. (My favorite book of his).

The Patagonian Express -- Theroux boards a train in Boston, heading South. He ends up in southern Argentina, having traveled almost the entire length of the Americas by ground (mostly trains.)

These books have been published for a long time -- most are from the '70s -- so you could get paperbacks cheap (or free from the library.)

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