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Originally Posted by JRMDC
Sure. And let's not consider the voting record of a politician running for office.

Too obstructed, but especially at the trucks, making it look like just the hoods are being pushed through a jungle somehow. And much of the obstructions are just plain ugly.

The foliage doesn't frame, it covers. We are not being allowed a peek, we are straining to see.
I should have been clearer. I was seeing what people thought of the concept of a left to right pace or pan shot whith some of the train moving back to front. I also like the idea of shooting thru stuff where the pace shot still leaves the subject clear. I know there is to much brush and also the lower part of the photo cuts off the train so besides that (if that was missing) I was wondering what you thought. I just didn't want a bunch of replies stating the obvious.
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