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Well, it seems like you shoot the location regularly, or at least once before
Image © Jaanfo
PhotoID: 195237
Photograph © Jaanfo

So it shouldn't be that important to get this particular shot in.

Now, I happen to like this shot in general. You could certainly crop the bottom off as much as possible, turning it into a 3:2 ratio instead of 4:3. That would reduce the in-your-face of the fence, the big problem in the scene, yet some of it would remain out of focus in the foreground. I would have said bad cropping instead of foreground clutter. But I'm not a screener!

I would personally not simply appeal the current photo. I would try the crop, now that I think about it some more.

PS: rare movements - are they in the eyes of the beholder, or are they of historical importance? Opinions differ. I'm not much interested myself, but then that is my personal nature, and anyway this could be a big deal in San Diego. But I don't see RP as a repository of rare movement images of this type.
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