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Default Worth an Appeal?

Took this Grab shot of a (somewhat) rare movement in San Diego yesterday... I was supposed to be at work in two minutes and kinda slowly cruised through the Alley until the train(s, there was another right ahead of it, I hopped back in and kept cruising) appeared, then grabbed this shot.

Unfortunately since the train was on the closer of the tracks it's difficuly to be able to crop the fence as nicely as I did in a similar shot of a Coaster taken last month... and since it was a grab I wasn't able to frame it as well as I wished I could. IMO, It's not obstructing the view of the train, but is it too distracting, or should I try an appeal on the photo?

There will be other chances to shoot (such as tonight) though I'm not sure I'll be able to seize them since I work on call, and the first time I tried I was called before reaching the trackside.. I'm usually on call in the evening and the morning run is made in high sun. Thanks in advanced for your help!

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