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Originally Posted by Andrew Blaszczyk (2)
After looking at it closely I would go by the rails to make the shot level or the lines of the loco when a train is there.

BTW, a little more work with the contrast and color and this is an excellent non-train railroad photo. Heck, I enjoyed this version! Sometimes a train on the tracks distracts from the "beauty" of the scene and background. If I had time I'd be fancy and pull out an example from North Carolina but I need to pack!
Thanks, Andrew. I didn't even bother with much processing because it was simply to show a view that's never been photographed in my town before (a few railfan friends of mine have about every inch of track in this town photographed...except this section. haha). I wanted to see how it looked as a photo before I make the effort to go back to that spot to actually get a train approaching with the proper lighting. Perhaps I should have waited for the sunset to actually make this train-less scene worth it.
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