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Default Heads up Asheville and Linwood....NS 9752 leading 782

Heads up Asheville and Linwood. NS 9752 (freshly painted "whiteface" C40-9W) is heading your way leading train 782. It shows to be in Asheville already as of 23:00 tonight (Saturday)

Here are some shots of it today up here on the Appalachia District along with a couple of other trains.

NS 782 with Yuma:

...Just west of Frisco:

...passing the Frisco yard office:

...topping the hill at Click:

Other good trains today.....NS 785 at Watkins and Speers Ferry with a CR SD40-2 / NS GP38-2 / NS SD40-2 / NS SD40:

And last.....NS 702 with a C39-8E / SD60 / SD60 team (no fish!) Yuma meeting train 731:

...and at Frisco:


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