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Originally Posted by Grewup on the CW View Post
Welp I'm not one to give up on something I personally think is worthy of preserving and since you have visited this location twice already, I take it that your trying to include the view down the street in your shot? If so the dry shot angle is much more appealing. If you tagged the location in the rejected shot. I am unable to see it to be able to go street view and see what you have to work with. Not knowing what is to the left, I think my next visit would be focused on that angle and maybe the glaring crossing lights would not be so predominate and allow you a better exposure on both the train and the background view. Just my 2 cents......
Thanks for posting something to dissect, the forums have been dead too long
You wouldn't believe how many images I have, not sure how much another would change the result. The transcon was popping. There was auto traffic to contend with, time spent waiting for traffic from the bars die down. I shot WB's, EB's, 35mm, 58mm, closer up farther away. Then there was shooting fast enough to keep the motion blur down, maybe a motion blur would work but generally not what I do.
This is not just Oh, this looks nice and take a shot.

Yes want to get the street and hotel, otherwise it is just a crossing.
Again, not going to argue the critique I simply don't think that if this was in, viewers would crowd the forum complaining or a stain on the site ,red or....... Smile.

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