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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
There is so much evaporative cooling going on in that plume that you don't have to be all that far away before you just get soaking wet (vs. scalded).
I agree that it is a relatively short distance from where the steam is emitted to a safe zone, and I believe that old-time crews were well aware of the distance.

Years ago, a Conrail engineer who had started his career on the L&NE in the 1940's told me a story about an inspection trip that he was assigned to as a fireman. There was one particular official who was a hard-ass, and not at all liked by the crews. The official was wearing a freshly pressed light-colored linen suit, and walked past the engine on the way to the business car. Acting as if he didn't see the official, the engineer performed a blow-down just as the official got to the right place, soaking the linen suit. Of course the official tried to chew out the engineer, but the engineer told him he should know better than walking that close to the engine. The engineer was never disciplined, and the official spent the day in a damp suit.
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