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Originally Posted by hoydie17 View Post
Clearly, you haven't been watching social media.

Last time I checked, isn't the ONLY place quality rail photography is hosted.
Of course I've been looking at flickr and Facebook as well. You are obviously aware of that, as I follow you on flickr and just recently friend requested you on Facebook. As this is the forums, I didn't think it would be appropriate to link or discuss photos from other sites. After looking at photos on both of those sites over the last four days (including yours I might add, one of which is my second favorite shot of the weekend), my question remains unanswered. Please demonstrate to me how the B Line is one of the most scenic lines in Virginia.

What I have seen on this site and others are people getting acceptable shots of an unattractive line, or taking extraordinary measures (such as asking a landowner for permission under the condition of remaining anonymous) to get rarely seen angels, none of which even approach the freely accessible scenery along the other lines I offered up as examples.

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