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Originally Posted by oltmannd View Post
So you'd think a halfway decent roster shot of an ex-NYC S2E would be good... no.

Or, triple-headed EBT in the snow in 1980 on a freezing cold sunny day? no. Got one in on appeal or a very slight re-crop.

But some generic Shade Gap Electric trolleys on a cloudy day got in on 1st shot.

If I had to pick, I'd submit the steam and skip the trolley's. But, that just shows I don't know what I'm picking

I just have no idea what the value set of the screeners is. I'm pretty sure trying to guess at 2 from 10 or 12 of what I think are roughly equal value is going to be a lost cause.

It is what it is, warts and all, I suppose.
It's hard to respond in a vacuum, as I don't have access to the shots that didn't get in, but as soon as you say "halfway decent" I am guessing that there was some major issue (like bad high sun, blur, or cropping that cuts off the equipment). The EBT triple header - a tourist operation that is still in existence - will be under similar rules to today, I would think, and the fact that it got in after you made a crop, shows that they saw a real cropping issue. The Shade Gap trolley shots are nicely framed. They are not the best quality no - and I would guess those got in because you had a screener who took them for the nostalgia and the fact that Shade Gap is gone (even if those trolleys still exist at Rockhill).

When you make the comment about picking the steam over the trolleys, I get confused. Aren't you sharing your images for the fun of sharing them? If you don't like something, don't sumbit it just because you think it will get in. Submit stuff you want to share.

It's honestly not that hard to figure out what the screeners want. I say this as someone who still gets a fair share of rejections, but that is because I keep trying with things like rainy day shots of trains still far down the line. I do this because I look at the shots and find myself impressed with what I did and liking them - so I give it a go and fail.

If - however, someone said, submit five pictures a day for the next two weeks and you can't have a single rejection - it would be very easy to do. I'd grab well let images that followed the rule of thirds and have it. But I'm not trying to get as many pics on as I can. Rather, I'm trying to show the stuff that I look at when editing and say "wow, that came out cool..."

I would encourage you to keep submitting. I'm loving what you have up here and it's really a blast to see how many places that you and I covered the same ground (and frankly, you were a far better photographer than I was when you were doing it).
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