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Originally Posted by Warton GR4 View Post
The technical legal term for this is puffery. This states that it is reasonable for adverts to exaggerate their product in order to help promote that object or service. How often have you seen in an advert the line “best in the world”? They can't prove that but it's an accepted term. Food will sometimes be painted to make it “look” the right colour and therefore more appetising. In this case of course they're going to use the cleanest, best looking coach they can for this shoot. The coach you get may not look anything like that coach or be anywhere near as clean or quiet but that's a given.
You also get puffery in journalism of course (celebrity X gets fatter by the day) and in reviews (this really is the worst album of the year).
So their you go, a new legal term for you all.
I actually learned it from the Dominos Pizza commercial a few months ago.
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