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Originally Posted by Heymon View Post
Troy, perhaps you could do your own photo shoot depicting the "real" Amtrak as you see it and lets compare them.

You can recruit models off the street (or just use actual passengers), show them struggling with their baggage under the watchful gaze of an unhelpful but surly employee, followed by them standing in a snack car gnawing on a cold sandwich paid for with food stamps while graffiti strewn underpasses whiz by outside. No fair using other than ambient light. Then offer your ad campaign to Amtrak and tell them they can use it to increase ridership to heretofore unknown levels, possibly using the tag line "Amtrak--Keeping it Real on the Rails".
Excellent idea, gotta make sure I include the "drug dogs" checking the train in DC

And in all seriousness, every proponent of Amtrak should be forced to take a LD trip in coach on one of the "silver" trains to see the shady underside of America that utilizes the service these days and the level of service that Amtrak provides.
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