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The VP who wrote the public explanation of the new policy professed that Flickr was designed for the purposes of providing photographers with a means to share photos, not provide a free hard drive to professionals. Fine. Then why not design a policy that truly supports the original concept and addresses the problem. Limit users to a reduced space allotment instead of an arbitrary number of photos. I have 1,800 images on the site, all of which are 1MB or less. They are viewing size, not archival or printing size. I am using perhaps 1.8 GB of their precious space. Go to Best Buy and see if you can buy an SD or CF card that small. Good luck with that.

It would seem that their professed vision for Flickr is little more than BS. The real vision is dollar signs and the strategy is extortion. Pay us money, or bad things will happen to your stuff. It makes me really enthusiastic about upgrading to SmugMug.

The greatest loss here may be the accounts of people who have passed on. Their photos may not be backed up anywhere. The Flickr VP is clearly not a photography enthusiast.

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