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Originally Posted by hoydie17 View Post
The plan was to eventually build platforms for the two CSX lines as well.

Of course, they can only do it when they get the money to do so. The funding to build the one there now as provided largely from private donations and grants, no tax dollars went into it other than to acquire the property and clean up the old structure that used to occupy the spot.

Fostoria's Chamber of Commerce and the Tourism Board wanted to build observation platforms along the CSX lines first as opposed to NS. But, you guessed it, our ever railfan-friendly CSX folks raised a stink over it saying that they felt that it would encourage more trespassing near F-Tower. NS put up less of a resistance to it, hence why it was built closer to the NS tracks.

The future plan was to have at least two sizable platforms in the triangle, one next to the B&O, and the existing one by the NKP. There was some hope that when CSX eventually deactivates F-Tower, that the city could acquire the land it sits on for a third platform.
Ah, that makes more sense. Thanks for the info.

I should say that it does look good. It's just kind of odd having just the one. But I do understand the ever present money issue.

I also hope that they never deactivate F-Tower. That would suck. I would imagine it would be pretty hard to do however given the fact that there are 3 diamonds, 2 yards, and 5 transfer tracks.

Will it ever happen? Who knows, maybe if CSX ever gets the corncob out of its collective ass when it comes to railfans.

EDIT: Here's my view of the platform yesterday. It does stay pretty busy.



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