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Last year, I played with all of the higher-end Nikon Cameras before just biting the bullet and getting a D4. I wanted good low-light performance and a fast shutter, and none of the other Nikons could deliver both.

I had been using a D7000, which is a great camera, as long as the light is decent. The 6 fps burst rate was something I could live with, even though my Canon-shooter friends had 8. Where the D7000 came up short was AF. The array size was OK, but the damn thing didn't always focus well in bad light. IQ was also hit and miss above ISO 800. There were times I got great pictures at 2500, and times when there was no detail at all in shots taken at 1600.

The D7100 is a bit of an improvement on the D7000. I don't think you'll have AF problems with it. It has the largest AF array of any DSLR I have ever picked up and that focus seems pretty snappy. It also has 24 MP, if MPs are your thing. Not sure if it is any better at high ISO. I have not tried that. If your plan is to stay with DX, then I would recommend the D7100. It is what the D7000 should have been.

I still use the D7000 BTW. I typically have a 24-120mm f/4 VR on my D4, and a 70-200mm f/4 VR on my D7000. That combo works pretty nicely. Two cameras, two changing lenses in the field.

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