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Almost everything I have is used GE comercial gear. I have a GE MVS mobile in the truck for railroad stuff..132 channels, all AAR channels programmed with extra banks for odds and ends.. A Kenwood Dual band for ham stuff, a GE Delta trunk mount for 6 meters (ham) and a old Radio Shaft scanner that hardly ever gets turned on. There is a Motorola mobile in my wifes van (comes in handy on those family outings) .. The GE's have good front end filtering and rejection...keeps out the intermod in urban areas.

In the handheld Dept, I have Three GE MPA's, Two VHF and one UHF...100+ channels with all the AAR stuff, ham stuff and weather...the MPA is one of the best handhelds I have come across..rugged and realiable with a hot reciever.

Here in the house, I have a mess of stuff. On the computer desk I have a kenwood Dual band (VHF/UHF) and a Kenwood TS690-S 6 meter/HF/SW for ham stuff, A Radio shaft Trunk scanner and a Motorla Spectra (locomotive radio that was brought back from the dead) to listen to the NS on.. A old Rock bound scanner in the kitchen, and a scanner in the bedroom.
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