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Originally Posted by EMTRailfan View Post
You might actually want to check your cropping a little closer. I am with Joe about the loco being a little farther to the right if you have a frame after this one, but I am referring to the rotation wedge that runs left to right across the bottom.

As far as the actual rejection, your own copyright tag seems redundant with RP's copyright bar across the bottom with your name on it. I can go either way with the water mark. With your placement, it doesn't really take anything away from your photo, but if someone wanted to steal your photo, it wouldn't be anything to just crop it and your own copyright stuff out. If you place it to "protect" your photo better, and then it detracts from the photo.
I remember a few years back, there was some drama with someone cropping out the person's copyright and then submitting the photos as their own.
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