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Originally Posted by Amtrakdavis22 View Post
Alright thanks Jim. What do you think would be a good shutter speed would be for a train around 80mph?
As Jim said, you had good light, but unfortunately, you messed up on the settings and the foreground clutter, thus, I personally find, making it hard for these photos to make it in the DB. I'll add to what others have said.

An 80MPH train will need a decent shutter speed to freeze the train, regardless of your angle. A telephoto photo, or the simple "wedge" will require something above 1/250" at F7.1 with an ISO of 100. For safety, you may wish to either decrease the aperture to F5.6 or perhaps increase the ISO from 100 to 200, that way you can reassure yourself that you'll have a "crisp" photo. The following was done at 1/320"..

Image © Chase55671
PhotoID: 301830
Photograph © Chase55671

This one was done at 1/250"..

Image © Chase55671
PhotoID: 300876
Photograph © Chase55671

I would've preferred to have done a faster shutter speed on the above photo, but thankfully, it still turned out decent.

An angle like the one below, required a faster shutter speed in attempt to freeze the train, due to a slightly different angle than the above photos. This angle, which shows off a bit more of the side of the train, is also known for increasing your chances of blur, especially for a fast moving train, such as Amtrak. Thus, with that being said, I increase it to 1/640" to prevent as much blur as possible.

Image © Chase55671
PhotoID: 270589
Photograph © Chase55671

Hope this helps,

Originally Posted by Dennis A. Livesey View Post
My quickie wisdom:

1 Sun behind your back.
2 Camera in Manual.
3 Low ISO like 200, shutter 500 or 1000 to get the locomotive sharp.
4 Pick your focus point where the loco will be.
5 Composition: Off Center is Better!
Quick and effective, Dennis! I like it!
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