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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
So, do railroads have a department that scours rail photography sites looking for photos that depict their crews doing things they shouldn't? This is all pretty new to me. Of course, I seldom raise a camera to regular railroads, so I'm pretty oblivious to any "games" that might be going on between conventional "railfans" and train crews.
Not an official department, but RR management and law enforcement are quite familiar with online locations to go digging if a situation warrants.

The best policy as a railfan is if you think you've taken a photo that could cause an issue, don't post it. If you happen to get tp'd by a crew, laugh and get over it. The fact is that 90% of us would be fired in a month or less if our day to day dealings were photographed without our complete knowledge and those photos be available for viewing by our direct management. Lol

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