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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
The only things I ever see are the dumb things that bystanders and foamers do around tourist trains. Yesterday, I watched a group of clueless landscape photographers stop Conway Scenic's annual "Steam in the Snow" excursion, just east of 4th Iron Bridge. They had set their photo line so close to the tracks that the engineer just wasn't comfortable proceeding. I had tried to convince these folks to join me and several others for what would be a much better (not to mention SAFER) shot of the train.....but they had politely refused. Hey, what the hell do I know about photography?
The issue with non-fans and quite a few fans with cameras is that they think the best photo is closest to the train. They never realize that they can get the same perspective when the train is standing at a station stop, and a photo depicting the train in its environment is much better.
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