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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
Burnt in what way? Did someone photograph and post an image depicting rules violations, or something of that sort?

There are railfans that do lots of stupid stuff because the treat their hobby as an entitlement instead of realizing that they could be interfering with other people's means of earning a living.

It wasn't on this line, but look up "Railroaders, Railfans, and “The Letter”" on the Trains Magazine website for one of the most notorious stories of a rail photographer getting a crew in trouble. I am still amazed at what a prolific photographer would do because he had a bad day.

I'm sure many more immature members of our hobby have done other things because they had a bone to pick with a crew. They don't understand that a bad day, no matter what the reason, is part of the game, and good days are so much better when they come together.
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