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Originally Posted by bigbassloyd View Post

You've got several of the bridge already on here, and the fog shot is a poor location choice, with some improvement needed on the edit.

Loyd L.
Yes valid point on the fog shot Loyd. With the rail bits I probably should have not even tried in the first place. But a cloudy day reject on a fog shot just didn't make sense.

On the bridge shot - how can one deny the opportunity to post a Warbonnet photo?

If the Warbonnet photo was indeed off kilter I would not have wanted to appeal.

I felt that the reasons for rejects on the four noted above did merit a valid appeal and those did get on.

Going forward I could promise to only appeal those shots where I can make a valid case.

For anyone that has been banned, is it 'for---e----ver'?
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