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Originally Posted by Kevin B. View Post
Anyone has success with getting foggy shots accepted? Iíve trued numerous different photos, of numerous different scenes, but had zero success with them.......on RP?

I like the shot simply because its different. Its just screener mood, IMO.
There are tons on fog and cloudy day shots on RP. I recently tired a shot from Strasburg RR where I had mostly cloudy skies with hints of blue sky in it, I was standing at a grade crossing with #89 steaming right at me down the grade with Thomas the Tank Engine cleared up in a siding on the left. It got cloudy and common power. I'm still scratching my head figuring out how Thomas or #89 is common power. Cloudy I get it been then again cloudy is in with RP right now. So I think they a new rejection button "Its good but, No thanks"
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