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Default Cloudy? Yes, I'm aware it probably has other problems.
Earlier today I got this shot of a westbound BNSF manifest that was rerouted over UP's Nampa Sub. Cropped it, brightened it, downscaled it, submitted it, and rejected... for being cloudy. However, this photo was very much taken in full sunlight, so that rejection does not make much sense to me. However, I am aware there are other problems with it. For example, yes, the cropping is way too tight. However, the image came out of the camera with the boundary on the right being that tight - I really need to get a second tripod. Also, it may be a bit noisy/low quality, particularly at the right side of the image. Thoughts? I've also attached the original file - straight out of the camera except for being 50% original size due to file size - for experimentation purposes.
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