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Originally Posted by ShortlinesUSA View Post
Definitely not the first time I've seen an initial rejection make it to the top. Persistence does pay off from time to time, and it also shows the utility of this forum for photo help.
Well said. I often consult this forum because I recognize there's something to learn from each rejection. My early experiences with RP were frustrating because after I registered, it took over a month, with multiple emails, to actually get the approval to post on this forum. When I had several early rejections and nobody to consult, it definitely lead me to question my skills and my potential when it came to making it on RP. Having this forum has made appreciate RP so much more since those challenging early days.

Some of my favorite photos (including a few of my most-viewed shots) were ones that were initially rejected, where persistence and adjustments based upon the feedback from other members paid off. As annoying as rejections can be at times, I've seen an improvement in the overall quality of my photographs because I'm mindful of those considerations when I'm out shooting.

It was thrilling to check in and see that image getting more and more views, before eventually rising to the top shots list and benefiting from the extra exposure as the top photo within the last 24 hours for a time. I say this not only because it gave that image exponentially more views, but because it definitely led new people to explore my collection of shots on this site. There were a few older images I had that were newly favorited as a result of that prominence.

Without the encouragement and feedback from those who posted in this thread, it's possible I may not have bothered with that shot, or might have given up after the initial cloudy day rejection. Now, I not only have a great image on this site, but also a better sense of new ways to approach shots when I go out, whether or not its a cloudy day.

Thanks again to everybody who has assisted me along the way. I hope this is the first of many similar successes and that I get to return the favor for others I go on.
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