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Originally Posted by abr View Post
Thanks for your thoughts. I think that is an excellent point on editing for RP not always being worth the time and effort. Sometimes it's better to just appreciate being able to capture a scene that makes for a nice addition to my personal collection without going through the time and energy required to edit it for RP suitability.

At the same time, it's good to know that if there is an image I really do like and want to take a stab at submitting it, that I do have some tools in my arsenal that could aid me in those efforts. With that in mind, I wanted to run another image by everybody and see what your thoughts are.

With the attached file, the scene suffers from the same cloudy conditions. However, the worker holding the whistle sign is appreciably clearer than in the Acela shot and the image has a better depth of field. I've played around with it a little in Lightroom. Would this shot stand a chance at acceptance with some additional adjustments or is this a case where it's closer but still no cigar re: technical issues? Constructive criticisms on either front would be greatly appreciated.
I like it and think it could potentially get on rp. I'd definitely crop some off the bottom.
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