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Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post
I have no particular comment regarding whether the content should result in acceptance despite the poor light. I will say that much of the image isn't sharp and if an image is noticeably off in one technical dimension that the screener tilts toward rejection, consciously or unconsciously, and that may not be reflected in the final (single) rejection reason given.

You may have given the screener too many reasons to say no.
I think this is a pretty good summary of the situation. Sometimes, others see softness that I don't see. Not this time. This pic is definitely soft. Combine that with cloudy/common and it makes the decision easier for the screener. Cloudy shots get in all the time here. It's just that to give yourself a fighting chance, you need to be shooting something unusual, or if it is common power, it needs to be something more than just a regular wedge. Good scenery really makes a difference.

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