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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post

In the case of Mitch's shot, I think it's really well-done, but as he notes, we've seen the basic scene in the recent past, and it got a fair amount of attention at the time. Unfortunately, the audience here is a bit jaded. If a thumb shows up that they think they've seen before, they often don't click on it. The recent Southern Charter down at TVRM is a great example. One would think that shots of 630 and 4501 with freight would garner a lot of views, because 95% of all of the previous images of those engines were of regular passenger ops. The truth is that a lot of the charter images are having difficulty breaking 500 views.....except perhaps, the ones with ladies in them.
I love steam, love looking at it, shooting it and working on it (albeit in a smaller scale than portrayed in the recent rash of "Lerro production" shots). I do agree with what Kevin and others have said about the jaded audience and the night shots. Personally though it's more than that. There's something about the steam experience that's hard to do justice for with a two-dimensional image. It's not just the sight but the smells of the exhaust (whether coal, wood or oil) mixed in with hot lube oil, the heat coming off the boiler and firebox that feels arid even on a rainy day and the wafts of steam in my face. The sounds of hissing and chugging and clanking and wheezing that all come together to give one the impression that a steam locomotive is indeed a living beast. It's hard for a photograph to educe those feeling, but don't let that stop you from shooting them! Well okay everybody, maybe you CAN stop taking those phony "Rosie" shots already!
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